How to take advantage of Facebook Video’s creative opportunities

We are living in a video-first world, where moving pictures are at the heart of all applications and administrations.

Facebook recorded an expansion of 800% in video utilization from 2015 to 2016, bouncing from 1 billion perspectives to 8 billion perspectives in only a year.

Amid Social Media Week, Ian Crocombe, and Regional Head of Facebook’s Creative Shop displayed every one of the open doors that video substance may offer, both for distributors and promoters on Facebook.Moving from TV to online networking

Moving from TV to Social Media Networking

Moving from TV to social media

Video promotions on Facebook are unique in relation to the ones we knew on TV, and they additionally prompt an alternate conduct from the group of onlookers.

In addition, clients have a shorter capacity to focus when utilizing their cell phones, which additionally requires an alternate point of view while making a video.

This makes the requirement for brands to alter their substance when they need to exchange their message from TV and customary showcasing to online networking and Facebook specifically.

Adjusting content for Facebook videos


Facebook’s Creative Shop expects to help brands comprehend what makes a successful Facebook video and how they can make their message heard to an expanded gathering of people.

They are in charge of “food sealing”, which implies the way toward taking the brands’ thoughts and making them take a shot at portable.

It concentrates on four primary territories, all planning to enhance the accomplishment of the video – Capture, Design, Frame, and Play…

  1. Capture attention quickly

Facebook recommends you put the brand and the item at the Center of the video, keeping the message basic and clear from the principal seconds.


This illuminates the gathering of people what the video is about, and in the event that it’s sufficiently inventive to get their consideration rapidly, it makes them observe a greater amount of it.

  1. Design for sound off

As indicated by Facebook, 80% of recordings are right now played without sound, which implies that you can’t disregard this while making another marked video.


Rather than making clients turn the sound on, what about conveying your message through content?

Subtitles are superior to anything nothing, yet message overlays offer an ideal approach to expanding perception without a sound.Outline your visual story

3. Frame your visual story


Cut additional footage from existing promotions to strengthen the key message. Crop the video in the square, pick the right casings and trial with the best organization that could be additionally engaging on Facebook.

4. Play more


Ian Crocombe’s primary tip is to “be truly energetic” with Facebook recordings. Try not to quit exploring different avenues regarding a new substance, take an inventive thought and play with it.

For instance, what about beginning your video with an inquiry to start interest?

Encourage sealing is great, yet it’s very protective. There’s additionally the requirement for another imaginative methodology when beginning with portable first substance.

It’s a great opportunity to work with new story circular segments…

New creative approach 


Another inventive approach needs its own particular tips to ensure that the gathering of people is keen on the video content. This is what Facebook recommends for an expanded engagement.

1. Heartbeat frequency = attentionheartbeat-frequency-attention

There’s no need a dramatic account, taking after the customary grouping of starting, center, the end.

It might be more successful to convey circles of the story at regular intervals to keep your gathering of people intrigued. Another vignette may begin following a few moments, making different stories with a reliable message.

The span of the substance is not critical, insofar as you’re ready to keep the gathering of people intrigued.

2. Zigs and Zags = Hook


It has been watched that 65% individuals who watch 0.03 secs of Facebook recordings can watch up to 0.10 secs and 45% who watch 0.10 secs can watch up to 0.30secs.

Zigs and zags attempt to move individuals crosswise over by snaring them toward the starting while getting the item unmistakable. Once the snare happens in the presentation, clients can observe a greater amount of the video, with short and rehashed stories adding to the advancement of a brand’s message.

3. Start with the end 

This tip is centered around “super consistent individuals” with Facebook proposing we begin a video with the item appeared in an outwardly engaging manner, then end with the item’s advantages.

This can be an astute approach to catching the group of onlookers’ consideration by offering the enthusiastic prize and the answer for the issue from the primary seconds while continuing to the genuine portrayal of the issue through whatever is left of the video.


Ian Crocombe wholes up his presentation by advising us that “video on versatile is distinctive”, and as we are heading into an all the more outwardly engaged world, it’s a great opportunity to explore different avenues regarding more inventive methodologies.


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